Logic's Carbon Footprint Advantage
Logic Pakaging produces the smallest amount of greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to the average national standards in the folding carton industry. We achieve this success by embedding the "green conscoius" in each member of the Logic Team in every area of our manufacturing process. Driven with a common passion to perform at the highest efficiencies, the Logic Team combines their energy with total creativity in design, approach, and execution, using the smallest amount of real estate to maintain big manufacturing and utilizing far less resources, JIT Inventory with our certified suppliers, "process-less systems in manufacturing", energy efficient machines, bio-renewable chemicals, and more. Waste is minimal and what we do not ship, we recycle.

The US national average greenhouse gas emissions are 27 tons per person and the worlds average is 5.5 tons for a 1-person household. The problem is real and growing every day, requiring all of us to take action both on a corporate level and in our personal lives. Logic Pakaging understands this urgent need and puts our environment first in our operations. We believe the world has a fixed amount of natural resources and as our population grows we strain these finite resources so we need to preserve what we have so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same standard of living we have enjoyed.

Logic Pakaging continues to work hard to find new creative ways in reducing our carbon footprint, making it an integral part of our corporate decision making. We encourage the rest of the folding carton industry to follow in our footsteps, putting aside the "big picture of business" and finding smaller areas of opportunity to eliminate emissions and ensuring strict compliance to company policies. All of us making these changes together will make a difference.