"Delivering the human touch."
Braille is a system of touch reading and writing used by people with visual impaired or blind . A series of embossed dots are evenly arranged in quadrangular letter spaces, called cells arranged in rows and columns. A full cell is three dots high and two dots wide. Each cell may contain up to six dots. Sixty-three (63) characters of different letters and numbers can be formed with Braille. Fixed in width, the Braille font has every character occupying the same amount of space, regardless of how many dots are in the cell. For braille to be read by a blind person, the dots of each cell must be easily discernible by touch with sufficient height, distinguishing from the background. Accurate depth and height is essential for Braille to perform without error - total precision with zero tolerance.

Logic Pakaging is pleased to implement the application of Braille as an integrated part of your packaging. Beginning in our digital prepress, braille is digitally engineered and imposed into your artwork, generating the necessary elements for production. The content of the Braille is reproduced in a stamping die and counter plate with quality measurements in dot depth, dot height, and dot symmetry. Our levels of Braille inspection and quality control will allow Braille dot production to be optimized and accurately controlled in production.