experience the Logic encounter
The Logic Customer Service Team is ready to provide you with excellent service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each of our staff members come from plant operations having the technical experience in all areas of manufacturing. Working together as a "four legged table", the Team strives to make the job of supplying folding cartons easy, safe, and reliable for every Buyer and Procurement Team. Achieving this success requires the Team to follow a set of principles we firmly believe.

Your the boss.
Whenever we have the opportunity to serve you, we make it very clear that you're in charge. Without you, the customer, we would not have the jobs and careers that support our families and keep Logic alive. Thus, we work for you.

Listen with clarity without assumption.
One word we never use at Logic Pakaging is "assume." At Logic Pakaging, the Customer Service Team clearly identifies your needs by being good listeners and prioritizing your agenda in detail, whether it's in person, over the telephone, or through the internet.

The customer is "numero uno."
The Logic Customer Service Representative engages on a personal level, working hard to gain your trust and confidence. We truly care in giving you the best service, because your success comes first. Whether your a Buyer or a part of the procurement process, our technically trained staff understands your time is valuable and will make every effort to put you first without interruption.

Always ready for the unexpected.
As a direct folding carton manufacturer, the Logic Team is always ready to put out a fire or deliver a fast solution to an unexpected surprise with a Buyer or Procurement Staff. Anticipating your needs, the Logic Team delivers the solutions for your folding carton supply needs in quality, delivery, sustainability, and much more. We're waiting.

"Yes, we can help you."
No matter your situation or need, we want to help you. The Logic team is trained and experienced in serving all areas related to manufacturing of folding cartons. Whether it's folding cartons, pricing exercises, CAD samples, digital proofs, bar code verifications, and so much more, we will get it done for you no matter the circumstances.

Overall, Logic Pakaging invests the time and energy to provide you with customer service that surpasses your expectations and delivers results on al levels. We look forward to serving you.