The Creative Element
The Logic Pakaging structural design & sample making team is a fun and production oriented group of men and women using the latest CAD software and 3D Modeling tools, always coming up with the best creative solutions for meeting your product objectives and production requirements. Logic Pakaging's Designers applies strict quality control procedures inconjunction with our digital pre-press to ensure accurate design specifications that comply to your requirements.

Using the latest version of ArtiosCAD, which is is the world's most popular structural design software for packaging design with 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering with digital graphics, the Logic Design Team has the best drafting tools to design specifically for your product development. Complimented with the advanced Kongsberg XL20 with the advanced FlexiHead, there is no limit to what Logic can deliver in carton samples on all paperboard grades and calipers.

Working in tandum with pre-press and manufacturing, the Logic Design Team delivers a wealth of knowledge and experience that results in the most optimal designs for higher efficiencies and cost savings. Refer to to our Carton Styles area to get an idea of a few standard designs to get started with your configuration. Give us a call at (714) 557-2915 and a member from our Design team will be happy to answer any question and assist you with your project.