Perfect Folds & Clean Edges
As a direct manufacturer, "control" is considered an essential element to achieving the highest quality and cost efficiencies in the die-cutting process at Logic Pakaging. The Die-Cutting Team is handpicked and cross-trained in all other manufacturing processes to deliver the highest skills to make a perfect cut. Beginning in the CAD Sampling phase, our Die-Cutting Team is involved with all decision making and engineering pertaining the die cut. Using the latest technology and environmentally safe tooling, Logic Pakaging can die-cut your folding cartons without any contamination, cracking, debris, or defect.

Careful Inspection
Smooth and clean with each passing sheet, the Die-Cutting Team carefully inspects the quality of the score "beed" and cut edge with precision using our ANSI Z1.4 Sampling Plan. Based on batch size, samples are inspected throughout the die-cutting process and evaluated for strict compliance, eliminating and quarantining any non-conformance. Characteristics, such as scoring depth, perforations, tear, cracking, and much more, are measured against our standards complying both internally and to customer specifications.

Security & Maintenance
All die-boards are inventoried and filed securely to ensure accurate repeatability. Our Die-Making team will carefully inspect each die position and cavity to ensure the same quality and specifications are achieved with each batch. Die-board tooling is methodically positioned and optimized to achieve the lowest costs in our operation and eliminate any delays in production.

Combined together, the Logic Die-Cutting Team has over 100 years of experience on press and in the die-room. Integrating the die-cutting operation with printing, foil hot stamping, gluing, and more, the Die-cutting Team is a dominating phase of manufacturing at Logic Pakaging.