Real Time & Always On Time
Logic Pakaging believes the cost of space today is at a premium and storing inventory has become a major cost dilemma for a variety of industries. In addition to our JIT and KANBAN options, the Logic Team can make the inventory job simple and easy by helping you monitor your inventory levels, saving time with efficiencies, costs, and space.

As a partner in the supply chain, Logic Pakaging is a reliable source for inventory management with satellite warehousing nearby your locations in the United States and overseas. Our Logistics Team will explore every option to achieve the greatest costs savings with on time deliveries without burdening your personnel with real-time inventory management and control. Our assigned teams will provide daily, weekly, and monthly data along with 24/7 support, ensuring optimal costs levels and 24/7 availability.

Working in tandem with manufacturing, the Logic Team will maintain targeted inventory levels in real-time available for you to see on the web. Online inventory access on our website is real-time and can be controlled by you with direct customer support and without the voicemail.

Ask a any member from the Logic Team at (714) 557-2915 on how we can make inventory management a "no brainer" for you that results in optimal costs savings and greater efficiencies. We understand the need for effective inventory management with the growing and changing economies.