"We love to print."
The Printing Team at Logic Pakaging can meet low, medium, and high volume demands across a wide range of paper substrates and weights, delivering the "ultimate visual" in high gloss and a variety of finishes complimented with consistency. Our closed loop color control system provides us with the highest efficiencies with speed and automatation, reducing ink waste and eliminating excessive material usage. With our state-of-the-art technology, the customer benefits from direct savings as well as the environment with the lowest carbon footprint.

Behind our technology lies over 100 years of technical experience and craftsmanship, working every day to achieve the perfect print solution for the customer and environment. Taking ownership of every sheet that passes through our presses, Logic Pakaging is rated number one for print quality and print efficiencies, and are praised for their ability to delivering gorgeous visual effects with a combination of materials. It's simple - We love to print at Logic.

Starting with your "idea and concept", Logic's creative design team will engineer the desired look and feel of your folding carton. Communicating simultaneously with the Logic Print Team, the carton design is technically optimized and verified by the pressmen, themselves, right from the beginning. At Logic, it starts at the press and finishes at the press, bringing your ideas and concept to life. Integrated with die-cutting, gluing, foil hot stamping and other processes, Logic involves every pressman in each production phase maintaining 100% quality control and accountability. The final result shows in our performance. Discover how Logic Pakaging can deliver the perfect print solution for you.

Visit our online Knowledge Section that provides information on the printing process, materials, and a list of print variables that will help you better understand the world of printing.