Gettin' It Right Before The Launch
The Logic team loves to take on new endeavors with existing customers and new start-up companies that involve new products entering into the markets. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure your folding carton packaging meets your correct specifications and requirements, Logic Pakaging will walk through an entire trial session from Structural Design to your setup and processing. On-hands Logic Technicians will carefully walk through the entire development and follow it to your facility for loading and final applications. Logic takes the ownership with you to the end until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Depending on the product and application, product trials will require different configurations focusing in a variety of areas. In the pharmaceutical arena, Logic works closely with structural and packaging engineers in clinical trials, designing the perfect configuration to work on their equipment efficiently and within their budget. The Logic team applies extensive criteria, tests, and evaluations, looking at every packaging aspect, such as pre-break, slip, fit, inner-divider timing, assembly, tension, and much more. All trials are machine based replicating the same manufacturing process. We simple stay attached to the trial until optimal results are achieve and the customer is satisfied.

The Logic team is proud to be a preferred choice for many start-up companies that need the help to get started with their folding carton packaging. With this challenging economy, Logic is ready to help. Logic will offer every possible direction and approach toward the trial, giving you every option you need to reach your goals. And we also recognize the budget goals, especially with new start-up companies. Logic Pakaging will make it right for you.

If you have a new project that will require product testing with our folding cartons, Logic Pakaging is ready to get started with you and your company. Please contact our office (714) 557-2915 to make arrangements for a member from the Logic Team to come out to your location to get started.