Window Engineering & Production
The Logic Pakaging Team is pleased to offer services to design and manufacture a window cavity with your folding cartons and enclosing it with a clear film acetate or plastic film. The Structural Design Team works in tandem with our Digital Pre-Press, engineering the best solution to display your products with eye appeal and functionality that enhances the carton's handling. The window is a perfect approach for displaying your product with creativity and style.

Choosing the window style can be easy from choosing a variety of pre-defined configurations below. The window cavity can come in any shape or size and can easily wrap around the carton's side panels and tucks, giving your products optimal visibility from the shelf. The Logic Team often customizes the window cavity to the shape and style of the products and builds the artwork in relationship to the design.

When choosing a film material to enclose and seal the window cavity, Logic offers a variety of options in color, transparency, and gauges. Focusing on the environment, Logic Pakaging focuses on the safest materials that are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and home compostable. Our film materials are also approved for food packaging.

The term "window patch" is used in manufacturung and refers to the blank cut of each invidual window that is registered and glued inside the folding carton. The window material, itself, arrives in a roll from a certiifed supplier and is placed on a windowing machine. The windowing machine will unwind, cut, register, and glue the window patch to each individual folding carton blank before further processing into the folding and gluing stage. Quality control SOP's and requirements are enforced to ensure zero defect.

Here are a few standard window configurations to help you get started in choosing a window for your folding carton:

Normal Window
Continuous Perforation
Slit Perf
Form Sliting
Pre-Printed Foil
Inner Lining
Seal Inner Tube
Blank Bag-N-Box
Carrier Tear Strip
Score Punch Out
Score Punch Out Tuck
Inner Partition

Ask for a carton sample or request a custom design from our Structural Design Team, and we'll provide you with a true scale CAD drawing and samples with the actual material to be used in our production. Window designs are limitless and adds an attractive enhancement to the overall look and feel of your folding carton. If you have any questions or need further assistance with your windowing project, don't hesitiate to contact a member from the Logic Team at (714) 557-2915.